Fully Insured
9 On The Common Way Canaan,NH 03741 
Along with many seasonal services we offer, Home caretaking is one of the year round services. Here are a couple options to choice from. 

November-May (Snow Bird) 

4 Full (Interior & Exterior) inspections per month

June-October (summer)

2 Exterior inspections per month

Full inspection includes

Visually inspect that no damage has been done to interior & exterior of property
Check rain gutters
Physically ensure that all windows are secured 
Check for leaks, dripping faucets & running toilets
Run all faucets & flush all toilets (if water is left on) 
Check that all lights are working & replace any bulbs as needed 
Check that alarm is working correctly 
Check that furnace & thermostat is set correctly for the season 
Check for insect/pest infestations (Set up service if needed) 
Check oil / propane levels (Call for delivery if needed) 
Weekly emailed inspection report 

Exterior Inspections includes 

Circle outside of property to visually check for any possible damage
Check rain gutters
Physically ensure that all windows & doors are closed 
2 emailed inspection report