Get to know our employees-
Fully Insured
9 On The Common Way Canaan,NH 03741 
Matt Dow -

Owner- 30 years experience, 20 with MTD's. 

Matt's spare time is normally spent, with his family, boating in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. 

He also is a big part of the community. Here in town he is part of Friends of Mascoma and the food pantry. He also volunteers at Church. 

Matt has 3 daughters and a wife at home 

Rebecca Dow -

Office Manager - 18 years experience, 5 with MTD's.

Rebecca spends her spare time reading and gardening. 

She also is a big part of her community. Offers time for Coffee hour at their church. Is the Friends of Cardigan MTN T-shirt coordinator, also the IRS PTSA Treasurer. 

Rebecca has Matt and 3 daughters at home.

Her favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice.  
Jim McAlister - 

Lead Carpenter - 25 years experience, 18 with MTD's. 

Jim enjoys Hunting and Fishing in his spare time. 

Jim is part of our local fire department. CFD. 
Bill Corrette - 

Lead Carpenter - 19 years experience, 9 with MTD's. 

Bill enjoys anything to do with the water, he spends all of his free time on the lake. 

Bill has 1 son at home. 

Roots for Red Sox and Patriots! 

Kossi Green - 

Caretaker-Cleaner-Gardener- Office assistant - 10 years cleaning experience, 2  with MTD's 

Kossi spends her spare time with friends, and her 3 dogs.  She enjoys cooking and doing anything outside, gardening, swimming, or reading. 

Halloween Movies are her favorite! 
Charlie Monfette - 

Carpenter - 34 years experience, 2  with MTD's 

He has a wife and daughters at home. 
Chad Michetti - 

Painter/Floor Finisher - 24 years experience, 3  with MTD's.

Chad spends his free time doing projects with his kids, fishing or hunting. 

He volunteers time to Cardigan MTN Park, cleaning and mowing. 

He roots for the Patriots! 

Forest Gump his is favorite movie. 
Patrick Morrison - 

Landscaper / Carpenter - 14 Years experience, 6  with MTD's.

Patrick spends time hiking and mountain biking. 

Has 1 daughter at home. 

Roots for The Home Team! 

Favorite movie is - O Brother Where Art Thou? 
Edward Allen -

Carpenter- 13 Years experience, 1 with MTD's

Ed spends his free time fishing and snowmobiling.

He has 3 kids and a wife at home. 

He roots for the Red Sox! 

Phillip Kenney - 

Lawn Crew- 6 years experience, 1 with MTD's 

Phil likes to work, while not working he enjoys traveling and fishing 

He tries to volunteer whenever he can. 

He has a wife and dog at home

He roots for the Patriots, Red Sox and Boston Bruins!
Kevin Getman - 

Carpenter - 24 years experience , 1.5 with MTD's 

Kevin spends all his free time on his Harley.

He enjoys volunteering his time with benefit dinners for families in need. 

He has a 19 year old daughter and a 17 year old son at home.  

Nomar Ramos - 

Lawn Crew -  15 years experience , 1 with MTD's 

Nomar enjoys outdoor adventures and fishing.

He has a wife and 3 great kids. 

Nomar enjoys watching boxing. 

Cars is his favorite movie. 
Jason Howard - 

Landscape/ Equipment maintenance manager - 30 years experience with maintenance. 1 year with MTD's 

Jason spends his spare time on his motorcycle 

Jason has a wife and 2 boys. 
Sean Rostron - 

Lawn crew - 12 years experience, 2 with MTD's 

Sean enjoys fishing, watching and playing sports with his 3 boys, camping, snowmobiling and sledding with the kids. 

He has a fiancé and 3 crazy boys at home. 16, 10 and 9.

Sean roots for the Boston Red Sox, Celtics and Dallas cowboys! 

Horror movies are his favorite! 
Patrick Howard - 

Lead Landscaper - 4 years experience, 5 with MTD's. 

Patrick enjoys riding his motorcycle's

He has his parents and 2 brothers at home. 

Patrick roots for the Boston Red Sox! 

Fast & Furious series are his favorite movies.  

Rob Bennett - 

Painting / Carpentry - 6 years experience, 1.5 with MTD's. 

Rob likes playing Adult softball and basketball. 

He also coaches k-8th basketball and field hockey 

Rob has a wife and 3 daughters at home 8, 12 & 15

He roots for the Philadelphia Eagles 

Crash is his favorite movie. 
Matt Bunten - 

Carpentry- 15 years experience, 10 with MTD's 

Matt keeps busy, hunting, fishing, making furniture and maple sugaring. 

Roots for the Sox! 

Enjoys all kinds of movies.