Along with many seasonal services we offer, Home caretaking is one of the year round services. Here are a couple options to choice from. 

Snow Bird (November-May)

Our "Snow Bird" caretaking services include four full exterior and interior inspections per month, November 1st through May 31st. Full exterior and interior inspections include:

  • Exterior

    • Visually inspect that no damage has been done to exterior of property

    • Check rain gutters

  • Interior

    • Visually inspect that no damage has been done to interior of property

    • Physically ensure that all windows are secured

    • Check for leaks, dripping faucets & running toilets

    • Run all faucets & flush all toilets (if water is left on)

    • Check that all lights are working & replace any bulbs as needed

    • Check that alarm is working correctly

    • Check that furnace & thermostat is set correctly for the season

    • Check for insect/pest infestations (Set up service if needed)

    • Check oil / propane levels (Call for delivery if needed)

  • Inspection reports are emailed following inspections

Summer (June-October)

Our summer caretaking services include two exterior inspections per month, June 1st through October 31st. The exterior inspections include:

  • Circle outside of property to visually check for any possible damage

  • Check rain gutters

  • Physically ensure that all windows & doors are closed

  • Inspection reports are emailed following inspections


MTD's also offers custom caretaking packages to meet your needs. Do you need services every month of the year? Inspections once per week? Only need inspect your house when extreme weather occurs? Here are a list of other caretaking services you may wish to add to your custom caretaking package:

  • House cleaning

  • Post office pickups (including forwarding mail)

  • Receipt of UPS and FedEx packages

  • Alarm activation

  • Security checks

  • Automobile start ups

  • Seasonal opening and closing

  • Plant watering and care

  • Weather condition inspections

Contact us today about a customized caretaking package!