Fall Clean-Up Update - 11/15/18


This fall has been significantly rainier than normal, which greatly impacted our fall clean-up schedule, and we have been working as quickly as possible on the few (and far between) nice days. If we have not been to your property yet, we have not forgotten you, the weather just has us behind schedule.

With the recent dustings of snow and predicted snowfall tomorrow, there is a chance the ground will be too wet for us to complete all the fall clean-ups. Over the next week we will be reaching out to customers to discuss next steps if we are unable to complete the fall clean-ups.

If you need plowing, sanding, and/or shoveling services this winter, please give us a call at 603.523.4392 and hit “5” to reach Patrick Howard.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, this has been an interesting (and frustrating) fall.