Plowing Update - November 15th and 16th

2010 building trucks and plows 039.jpg

Snow is on its way and based on current forecasts, there will be enough accumulation to plow. We are monitoring snow for the remainder of today (November 15th) and will begin plowing for our commercial accounts starting at 2:00 am on November 16th. Plowing for residential driveways will begin around 7:00 am on November 16th.

We have been working diligently for the past couple of weeks to prepare our trucks, plows, and sanders for the first big storm. We also spent a lot of time working with clients to confirm services for the 2018-2019 winter.

We feel well prepared for the storm, however this is the first major storm, so it is possible everything may not go as planned. The ground was not fully frozen in many places until this week and this may result in more grass, dirt, gravel, and hard pack being pushed by the plows than ideal. Following this storm we will review our routes, current plans, and issues then fine-tune as needed.

Thank you for your continued support!